Spiders in the clock and how to remove them from a Yamaha Fazer fzs 1000

I could see spiders inside the fazer fzs 1000 clocks and took them apart to get them out. Also the tacho had worked its way around to the six oclock position. So when I started the bike it would rev and hit the stop.

To correct this I took the clocks apart. Maybe you are thinking it is a hard job but once access to the clocks is managed and then taking the clocks off. The pictures show how easy it was to take apart the clocks and clean them. There was only seven screws that hold the clock together. Once these are undone the you can see below the clocks are open. I turned the tacho to where it should go. I also checked the bulbs and found a couple of the lights 12v 2w had blown, so replaced them.

Putting them back is just a reverse of the steps taken. Take pictures if you are unsure to help you remember the way they should go.

yamaha fazer fzs 1000  clocks apartYamaha fazer fzs 1000 clock back of case


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