neutral light on all the time.

I like a challenge and when a bike is left alone for several years with not starting. What do you think happens? Fuel is stale, components fail, Carbs, fuel taps and o rings perish and cause problems.

So I became the new owner of a Yamaha fzs1000 and a challenge to get it tunning. I mentioned earlier in my post about thinking before you do any thing drastic. When I cut the alarm I should have taken a little time out and looked at the choices.

Now with the alarm removed, I still have a issue with the neutral light on all the time. I also am not sure if the wires are connected correctly so started a plan.

I logged onto the internet and searched some forums. I put my problems on pistonheads, and a few others. They suggested Yamaha fazer specific forums and this is where it improved.

I joined to foc and there was led to f10a. This was where i found the help to test this relay. I hope it helps you so i have put the links in and added some tips and a video.

If you have a problem

think who out there can help you

have you searched on the right terms or the terms that might connect to your fault.

always be nice to those helping and thank. give gratitude.

side stand swith faulty.

wires crossed.

neutral switch faulty jammed

starting relay faulty

starting relay cut off 5EB 81950 20

forums and the internet are a great resource. the information is out there. i logged on with and asked.,17819.0.html

From here i went to the f10a forum and found the answer to test the relay. i ordered it

Yamaha fazer cut off relay diagram help forum


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