Yamaha Fazer fzs 1000 remove a datatool alarm system 3. Read this before you start or cut wires

It is easier to look back and think I should have done this or that. I hope you learn from me. The fazer would not start and when I connected the battery the alarm was completely dead. The bike has been parked up for a few years so I know that alarms are unreliable and with it not working. I would like to remove it.

I cut the wires as I could not take the top off and thought to remove the wires from the loom. STOP. Think about what you are doing as if I could go back I would have done.

When I first looked at the alarm I searched on the net and found how to fix the datatool system 3 by spiking the system. This happens when the battery is flat and you do not put it in maintenance mode. Or that you leave the bike and the battery goes flat. Have a look at the datatool site where you can download a pdf with instructions.

I did not have the tool to remove the screws of the case and thought a drill would mess up the case. Cases are on ebay and I could have drilled carefully or found a allen screw that would fit.

If this does not work, you can remove the alarm and there are two wires in the connection block that you can add a bridge to get it working. Have a look on the net here.

I did not and then cut the wires to the loom removed the alarm and then called some mechanic friends. We managed to get the bike running but there are still some strange things happening. For instance the neutral light is permanently on.

On reflection if I had called my friends first they could have removed the alarm seeing how it connected or remove the wires in order.

It was a lot longer to get to where I am now although work is still needed.

My learning is to stop take time, look at the options and see if you can follow some of those suggestions before like me cutting the alarm out.


Yamaha fzs1000


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