How to replace the Neutral switch on a Yamaha Fazer Fzs 1000 part number 3GB-82540-01 D150209V

One of the problems I found with the Fazer fz 1000 was that the neutral switch was not working. The neutral light was on all the time and the bike is not running at the moment.

I logged onto Fowlers and through their site ordered a new switch part number 33GB-82540-01 D150209V. It was hard finding any information online or on the forums, so I thought I would add a youtube video of me replacing the switch.

In the video I have taken out the old one by removing the two ten mm bolts that hold the top up water bottle above the rear of the swinging arm. Pushing this aside and using a 14mm spanner to undo the switch. In the video I show the chain guard removed and where to find the switch. The angle of the switch is important so try not to cross thread when putting a new one in. Always replace by hand first, then tighten to specification.



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